New & Odd Techno Gadgets

February 6, 2012

As mentioned in my bio I am a lover of new technology. I want to share with you some of the odd and new gadgets that have captured my interest.

A new twist on the vending machine is really quite timely and ingenious. With the insurgence of all things vintage, this new type of vending machine is in step with society’s love affair with all things old. How many of you have gone to a thrift shop or second-hand clothing shop to find that perfect “vintage” article? Now you can simple go to this new vending machine and trade one of your old cherished gems for any article displayed in the vending machine window. It is a cash-less transaction. They say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Well now you can simple make your barter through the use of this newest craze in vending machines.

How about bendable batteries that are woven into the fabric of your clothes? Maksim Skorobogatiy and colleagues at the Polytechnic School of Montreal in Canada have done just that. If you want your Tee shirt lit up with LED’s- no problem. How about those pants you keep misplacing? Now you can find them at the bottom of your pile of dirty clothes by just pressing a button and listening for the beep. Medical monitoring might also be a unique use for this new technology. Help for lost Alzheimer’s patients could be right around the corner.

You can now buy running shoes complete with speakers in the shoe and the ability to load a music CD right into the base of your sneakers. Boom boxes are a thing of the past- now you can be obnoxious with just a pair of shoes on your feet!

Have you ever dropped your smart Phone in the sink or water. Now you can waterproof your electronic device by the use of Liquipel. My little 2 year old loves to deposit our phones in the commode or in the dogs drinking water. This new process can save you money for a small investment. Liquipel founder, Danny McPhail, says a treated phone can survive up to 30 minutes in water as deep as 3.5 meters of water.

Finally- my pet peeve is to walk into our kitchen and see a number of ugly black AC adapters for our phones or gadgets. Now, the Power 2U AC/USB wall outlet hides all that ugly mess by having pre-installed slide open USB jacks to fit most phones and gadgets, tablets and digital cameras. The best part is this outlet is smart enough to supply only the power necessary for the individual device to charge at maximum efficiency.

Stay tuned for more of my favorite techno gadgets and techno oddities.

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